We are Survivors – Tent City

On the 7th November 2013, Typhoon Yolanda hit land for the first time, striking the island of Samar at a speed of over 300 km per hour. The region around the town of Guiuan was particularly affected. Not far from the city many families are still living in a tent camp built by the UN refugee relief organization, UNHCR. They lost everything: their houses, their boats, their families.

Among them, the Dacatimbang family of three. They are a fishing family who lost their boat and with that their whole livelihood. After this stroke of fate, the husband developed an addiction to drugs and now only occasionally visits his family in the camp. The mother takes care of their child Eamon, who has Down syndrome and a heart deficiency, mostly by herself.

client: Don Bosco
location: Philippinen, Samar Island, Guiuan Citiy, UNHCR tent city
date: 13.03.2014

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