Stars Foundation on the Street

Ricardo (15) is one of many street kids in Cochabamba, the third largest city of Bolivia. He left his family when he was 14 years old because of his father, who abused him and his mother. Now he lives close to the city center under plastic sheets, with other youngsters who share similar fates. To numb their hunger, distress and worries they often sniff the vapours of strong glues. The consequences for their minds and health are serious, and they enter a vicious cycle . OR: and they end up entering a vicious, destructive circle.

The three street workers of the NGO “Stars Foundation on the Street” have cared for the street kids in Cochabamba for 10 years. They provide them with food, medicine and listen to their needs and worries. They establish contact with the parents or caretakers and try to re-integrate the children into normal life, even though the odds of success are not that high.

location: Bolivien / Cochabamba
date: November 2016

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