Faces of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the most lethal infectious disease on the planet. It is passed on from infected people to others via droplet infection. People who suffer from a weakened immune system are particularly susceptible to it. The respiratory tracts are most frequently infected, however, bones, lymph and the brain can also be affected.

Most infections can be found amongst India’s poor population. The low state of health, the hazardous hygienic living conditions in the slums and living in confined spaces all favour the spread of tuberculosis.

Many medical organizations and NGOs are fighting against this intelligent infectious disease. However, such institutions are often dependent on foreign charities. Neither the Indian upper class nor the middle class are willing to take care of the hardship the poor population faces. According to Hinduism, bad karma from the past life is the reason for their current unfortunate living conditions. This dogma stigmatizes the infected people and complicates the fight against the resistant disease.

client: German Doctors e.V.
location: India, Kolkata
date: 04.-06.04.2015

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